During the course of your repair at Mike’s Place Inc, all due diligent effort and care will be used to discharge our professional repair duties on your device. However, due to the intricate structured design of all devices the body and its back cover; owner at times might be able to observe slight variation of the device before and after it has been worked on. This phenomena is unavoidable. Some devices with metal back cover structure, curvature, side trimming might have some minute changes during the process of removal from the devices body. Please take note of your devices PRE-EXISTING CONDITION before submitting it for repair work. As we will not be held responsible for its unnoticed flaws.

It is the customers responsibility to inform our repair centre the exact condition of the device (e.g. speaker, microphone, buttons, charging functions, touch screen). Customer must state clearly the exact fault of the device, Mike’s Place Inc. will not be held liable for other problems not functioning that are not disclosed on the work order.

We will follow the client’s instruction for repair specific to the faults or parts requested and we WILL NOT be held responsible for any un-reported faults PRIOR to the repair work. Not all parts we currently use are OEM some might be aftermarket duplicates due to unavailability.

Our professional technicians will do their very best to make sure all devices worked on will stay close to the original shape, design and condition.

By submitting your device for repair hereafter, you agree that you will not blame, accuse or hold Mike’s Place Inc., its management, employees and agents on any minute variation on the casing, cosmetic appearance and function of the device in question being repaired.

All our product sold are Final Sale No Refunds warranty is handled through the manufacturer.  All cellular unlocks are final sale and no refund is offered once they have been processed unless that unlock fails. All video and security systems carry a 1-Year manufacturers warranty. Our repairs include a 6-Month limited warranty. The limited warranty covers defective part(s) and labor. Warranty is void if your device is exposed to additional physical damage or has been repaired by others, after the date of repair. Please understand that if water damage has occurred that the repair process can be tricky and there is no warranty for water damage. We have the right to refuse any warranty work without proof of receipt. All devices left for 90-days or more will be sold or used for parts. Security equipment not in-stock can take up to 2 weeks to arrive as most are “made to order” as per each individual job. Any installed software on a computer restore is the responsibility of the customer. Any special order items must be pre-paid.

Mike’s Place will not be held accountable for Tempered Glass : 1. Not protecting your screen from damage. 2. Not being installed. 3. Leaving the store without one if paid.

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