I love Mikes Place. Took my phone in there yesterday as I could not hear the person on the other end. They knew immediately what was wrong with it and even fixed it while I waited. New speaker. I was pleased to see that all the staff were so friendly and helpful. (that doesn't always happen these days) As far as price goes I was impressed as well. They are fair, friendly and customer service oriented. I shall return for sure. That's what I call customer service!!! Happy to recommend them to anyone that needs repairs to any of their devices. Great job guys!!

Dee Jay, - Dee Jay

My ipad screen was smashed so I took it to Calgary to the Apple store, not realizing you needed an appointment just for them to look at it. The guy did tell me it was going to cost twice as much as Mike charged me and I would be waiting weeks to get it. Dropped it yesterday at Mike's and today it is done. The guys were very pleasant delivering service with a smile. Can't beat that.

Catherine Browne Day, - Catherine Browne Day