Mike's Place offers Lethbridge  and area Cell Phone and Computer Repair, Cool Gadgets, and Drone Sales (UAV) for Lethbridge and Area (403) 394-7700

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Who is Mike's Place? And what do we do? Imagine having a hobby... and turning it into a business!  That's exactly what I did for Lethbridge area... at Mike's Place we specialize in repairs for cellular phones & Computer Repairs, we retail unique cool gadgets not found in most stores.  When parts are available and a device is worth repairing we offer this service to the Lethbridge and Southern Alberta area. Using our professional experience and the out-of-warranty repair options you just can’t get this anywhere else. It's the ideal place to come.  We also offer a wide selection of Security Camera options including Drone (UAV) kits and SLR/GoPro Gimbal solutions for Lethbridge and Area. Come check us out!

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From slow sluggish systems, to a Virus scan and clean we do it all when it comes to computers. We can even work on those unique Apple Computers that most won't touch. Your computer problem becomes our solution.

Cellular Phone

We have done it all at Mike's Place something magical happens when your device comes in broken; if it be an iPhone, Samsung, LG, or HTC when it leaves, you leave with something more. Peace of Mind! Your problem becomes our resolution... Only at Mike's Place.


We don't just repair computers and cellular phones! Do you have a cracked screen, weak battery, dead charging system? We do our best here to do it all... saving you from buying new!


WHAAAT?? Bring IT! If we can find you the part for your electronic gadget and save you the cost of buying new we'll fix it! From kids game systems, camera screens, and hard to replace gadgets that you've grown to love.


Limited Warranty

Lethbridge Warranty
Our repairs include a 6 Month limited warranty.  The limited warranty covers defective part(s) and labor.  Warranty is void if your device is exposed to additional physical damage or has been repaired by others, after the date of repair.  Please understand that if water damage has occurred that the repair process can be tricky and there is no warranty for water damage.  We have the right to refuse any warranty work without proof of receipt.

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Services For Lethbridge and Area

Out-of-Warranty Repairs

If we can supply the part, and it saves you replacing your device.. that's what we're here for.

Drones & Parts

Multi-Rotors are taking over! From DIY Kits to RTF units out of the box. This hobby has truly caught the publics eye. Check out the various parts and kits we sell in our store.

Tired of Getting Rained On?

Is the rain getting you down it's really just the viruses on your computer. Let us clean that up for you without damaging your data we can quarantine those problems for you overnight. PC & Apple Computer Repair / Upgrades done in house.

Computer Repair

We also specialize in Computer Repair including Mac Computers, from upgrade to just a simple format and restore, we can get you running smooth again.


One of the things we pride ourselves in is how fast we'll have your device back to you. No more shipping it away, or having to go buy a new one. Most normal situations we'll have your device back to you the same day.


If your too busy and need your device back the same day we can offer delivery of your device right to your door. (additional fee's would apply)


  • How to Update Your Kodi – Check our Facebook
    We've posted a simple to follow video how to update your kodi to the lates add-ons on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/mikesplaceinc/ If you don't have compatible hardware you'll have to:...


You can message us LIVE on Facebook and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Address: 116 - 8th Street South
Phone: 1 (403) 394-7700

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